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I'll be exploring the differing research articles that speak to why can help your child's behavior in future blogs. behavior modification in the form of daily behavior charts and point/token for children with ADHD is the only nonmedical treatment with large scientific evidence base. It is recommended by:

  • CHADD: National Resource Center on AD/HD
  • National Institute of Mental Health NIMH
  • American Psychological Association Task Force on ADHD
  • American Medical Association
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • National Association of School Psychologists
  • Surgeon General

There are also promising studies for using daily behavior charts and point/token for children with autism.

Rubyoxy's Gravatar It may be helpful to know that these children also learn through ways that others cannot perceive as logical. My students Sarah learns through music (but cannot understand level of volume; Alvin learns through story line (so need to match everything in logical sequence for him to see); Kennedy learns through root word so everything needs to be broken to the simplest form before slowly building them up (but sensitive to noise); Eu Ren learns through 'touch' and Mollie learns through motion.
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